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Wildix VoIP Phone System

The First Sales-Oriented Unified Communications Solution

Why Change?

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Premises-based phone systems have an average lifecycle of 5 to 8 years = greater risk in predicting growth.
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Antiquated phone systems involve more labor and risk = more expenses (add metrics – VPN costs, etc.)
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Technology advances quickly, and to keep up with a hardware solution = more labor and more expenses





Problems you’re most likely facing today:

You’re tasked with improving all of these things, all while reducing costs to stay within your budget and ensuring security.
A seemingly impossible task!

What You Need?

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Technology is advancing faster than ever, and the traditional PBX Vendors are providing solutions that are costly and not meeting your needs and expectations.

You need something that takes into account:

Allowing you to enhance security, functionality, growth, all while maintaining your budget.

Discover the Wildix Smart Working solution

Wildix is the first Smart Working solution that’s fully browser-based and located in the Cloud, allowing workers to use their own devices to experience the most effective business-oriented flexible working platform.

If a Smart Working solution were effective, you’d get…

15 to 20% increase in employee productivity

30% (on average) saved on office operating expenses

57% increase in employee satisfaction