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What’s New with VoIP in March?

VoIP phone systems are constantly making updates! So what’s new with 3CX and Wildix this month?


3CX VoIP Phone System

This month, 3CX updated their iOS and Android apps!

iOS Updates:

  • Improved handling of connection loss
  • Quick and easy conference scheduling
  • “Play busy tone” is set ON by default
  • Added support for sending log reports
  • Improved Copy/Paste operation on the dialer

Android Updates:

  • Intelligent call reconnection
  • No more missed calls – More reliable Push
  • Tap to add your conference to a calendar
  • Send busy option is enabled by default
  • Updated incoming call notification view with more compact caller avatar
  • Updates to Chat UI including new notification icon for light and dark Android themes
  • You can now receive call and message notifications even if you have DND mode enabled on your device


Wildix VoIP Phone System

This month, Wildix gave us 6 ways the Cloud can unify marketing efforts. To summarize:

  • Group Chats
    • These enable to team to clarify topics, make requests, or simply stay up to date with one another instantly.
  • Project Management Tools
    • Start the day on time and keep your team productive by using project management tools that keep everyone organized.
  • File Sharing
    • Cloud communication systems are a great way to share files with colleagues. Putting this feature in the Cloud creates added reliability!
  • Videoconferencing
    • With the Cloud, meetings can happen over video, bringing in remote team members or contractors as needed. But videoconferencing don’t only have to be for work: just as significant for marketing efforts is building team morale and rapport with virtual coffee breaks or happy hours.
  • Shared Data
    • It’s highly important to consider marketing efforts against real data collected by your company or partnered businesses.
  • Scalability
    • As your marketing efforts become more effective, you’ll probably bring on new employees. Fortunately, the Cloud can easily accommodate these shifts.

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