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Using a LinkedIn Mission Statement

As a business owner or employee, you hear of how LinkedIn can bring you business and generate sales. However, using LinkedIn does not just require a sales strategy. Average sales strategy doesn’t work with LinkedIn. The trick to LinkedIn is relationship marketing. You want to get to know your connections and understand who they are before you throw a sales pitch at them.

One way that you can develop your relational LinkedIn approach or strategy is to create a mission statement. This way you can have a statement that you can revert back to and that will be the hub that you operate out of to support every post, reaction, and connection you encounter.

An example mission statement could be: “I will use LinkedIn to grow my network of business professionals that I can support by connecting with other business owners to learn their stories.” This statement is clear in stating what the goal is and how that goal will be accomplished.

Having a clear purpose behind using LinkedIn will narrow the user focus and create consistent content for your connections to see.


Interested in using LinkedIn to increase business? Contact Christin Meler at or 214-935-5713.


Written by Christin Meler.

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