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Call Recording is a Business Lifesaver

Gone are the days when call recording used to be expensive, tedious, and required complicated hardware. Thanks to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), this has become a common feature, essential to business survival.


It is now a standard requirement for businesses that revolve around customer calls especially if they intend to increase customer satisfaction and revenue. However, businesses that primarily focus less on customer contacts would still find use from recording and keeping call logs.


Why record calls?


We live in an age where there is an increasing demand for customer satisfaction and your organization needs to be agile in response to the ever-changing demand. 


If your business fails to meet your customer’s expectations or you give them a bad customer experience, just note that they would take a hike and go straight to your competitors.


Let’s look at the following scenarios that show how call recording is saving businesses.


Scenario 1: Retrieve missing information 


Ever been in a situation whereby your employees failed to input the customer’s information because they missed or forgot specific customer information. This results in a dissatisfied customer who might just take it upon him/herself to destroy your brand reputation and possibly engage in litigation.


In order to avoid such situations and save thousands of dollars, all you need is the VoIP call recording which lets you replay saved audio files and ensure that you meet all your customers’ demands. 


Scenario 2: Call Quality Assurance


Businesses generally strive to achieve high-quality customer service especially if they intend to stay relevant in this age. This is primarily why businesses need to always record their calls.


Managers would review these calls at the end of the day, to find out how their agents are dealing with customers if they are following the required protocols and identify areas of improvement. Thereby improving customer service.


Scenarios 3: Staff training and Skill upgrade


Real-life scenarios are often the best way to learn.  A good conversation with a customer can be a perfect example of how to win over customers and achieve objectives.


While a bad example helps to identify flaws and root causes of performance issues that would need to be improved on. This gives managers insight into who requires extra training or guidance.


Scenario 4: Enhance products and services


There are times when your customers request for new products or services. However, your agents might fail to pass on this information. With call recording, you can gain insights to customers preferences and develop a customized product or service. This makes your customers feel valued and happy.


You could also share the call recordings with specific teams in your businesses like the marketing department. This would help the teams identify customer personas and gain insights as to how this customer personas are using your product, what they like about it and what could be done better.


Scenario 5: Regulatory compliance and Dispute resolution


There are some specific cases where call recording can be your strongest line of defense. It serves as a verbal contract that helps defend your company against litigation from disgruntled customers. Thereby saving you from the costs of legal headaches.




Written by Gbemisola Takuro.

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