Call, Conference and Chat from your Desktop or Browser

With a softphone or web phone, you can easily manage calls from your desktop or web browser. Whether you are in the office, at home or on the road, using the 3CX Windows or Web Client will greatly reduce costs and admin headaches.

No additional hardware costs for desktop handsets and all the communications features included. From simple call management to call center features and website chat the Windows Client and Web phone are the ideal solution to your business communications.

Answer and Make Calls from your Computer

With 3CX’s VoIP phones for Windows and the Web, you can manage your phone calls from your desktop or browser. Make, receive and transfer calls via the office phone system from your computer, even while out of the office. Using a headset you can even use a 3CX App as a full desk phone replacement.
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Voicemail to Email

Voicemail to email, is a useful, time saving feature included in leading VoIP Communication systems that allows you to deliver voicemails left to your office extension directly to your email address. In today’s busy corporate world, it can help you keep on top of your workload and time sensitive messages. In a nutshell, voicemail to email ensures you never forget to check your voicemails again, by bringing voice messages to a platform that’s always being checked- your email inbox!

How does Voicemail to Email work?

Voicemail to email is simple to set up and use. Once the caller has left the voicemail message to your extension, it is converted to a .wav audio file and sent to you as an email attachment. The email message will typically include key details such as the time and date the new voicemail was created and the phone number of the person that left the message. You can then listen to the .wav file on your computer or from your mobile device.

What are the benefits?

Does 3CX offer Voicemail to Email?

With 3CX’s voicemail to email feature, a handy email notification along with the recording of the message is delivered directly to your inbox from the phone system, so there’s no need to worry about missing an important message again. And, as your voicemails are automatically sent to you, you won’t need to spend time constantly checking the 3CX smartphone app or web client for new messages.
Once you’ve listened to your voicemail recordings, you can easily manage messages on the phone system from the smartphone apps, 3CX Web Client, or by dialing into your voicemail inbox.
3CX also offers voicemail transcription or ‘visual voicemail‘, which transcribes the voicemail to text so that the receiver can quickly and easily check the nature of the message without having to listen to any audio.

App-free Video Conferencing for Unlimited Users

Most video conferencing solutions require users to download an app or signup and create an account to be able to use their service. Apart from it being time-consuming, downloading video conferencing apps can also be a security risk as well as a barrier for users.

3CX’s integrated video conferencing solution is an easy to use and app-free collaboration tool. This means that the meeting participants you invite will not need to download any apps or create any accounts to be able to join your meeting. All they need to do is click on the video conferencing meeting link from their browser and voila! They’re in.

Hassle-Free Video Conference. No downloads or apps

3CX allows its users to harness high-quality video and voice through their web browser. Participants will be able to seamlessly join meetings without the need to download any additional software or apps, enabling a better user experience for your partners, customers and employees.
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Video Conferencing at No Extra Cost

Forget about paying monthly subscription fees for each user which make a dent in your wallet. 3CX’s video conferencing feature is included at no additional cost. “Unlimited users” means inefficient and unprofessional account sharing is eliminated.

Online Meeting, Presentation or Remote Assistance – it Caters for all

3CX’s web conferencing has all the features to hold a one-on-one person meeting, a sales presentation, a team meeting, a webinar or even an online classroom. 3CX allows you to set up hassle-free online meeting rooms with all the necessary tools for any given circumstance – remote workers can even use their mobile devices to join meetings.
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Customer Service Guaranteed with Call Center Software

Call center software allows team members to work from various dispersed locations while retaining a cohesive unit through unified communications. Through a multichannel contact center solution, businesses are able to make sales, offer support, resolve issues and build customer relationships.

With the 3CX Live Chat & Talk plugin your contact center agents can chat, video and call with your website visitors in real-time for truly seamless customer experience. Optimize your agent productivity! With 3CX your employees can work more efficiently, track their progress and provide valuable customer interactions.

Never Miss a Call – Advanced Contact Center Reporting

Traditional proprietary PBX’s with call center functionality have proven to be either too expensive or difficult to set up. 3CX resolves this issue with 3CX PRO on-premise or hosted call center solution. Simple, intuitive call center management offers the information required to monitor call queues in real-time, ensuring that not a single inbound call is lost.
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Advanced Queue Strategies and Real-Time Statistics

3CX contact center software ensures you provide your customers with quality service, and that your agents always reach their targets. Check the average and longest waiting times as well as the least talk time to guarantee no customer leaves your call center unsatisfied.

Superior Call Center Features Included

3CX PRO provides you with all the tools you need to review your agents’ performance. Answered calls, abandoned calls, average longest waiting time and more are all within easy reach, allowing you to ensure that your call / contact center is running smoothly at any given time.
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