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3CX Heals Alliance Healthcare’s Communications

3CX is the Ideal Solution for Healthcare Communications

To continue providing the environment and service outlined in their company values, it was important that a more advanced level of communication was established for its over 500 employees to become more productive, and for customers to reach a higher level of satisfaction. Their outdated, hardware-based Nortel PBX was proving to be problematic, offering up issues involving hardware limitations, poor integration with external systems, and a complicated management interface

In the quest for a more modern and flexible solution that would enhance the company’s communications, I.T. Leader Graziano Nugnes looked at several systems. After evaluating each system based on simplicity of management, integration capabilities, scalability and cost, Nugnes finally concluded that 3CX could answer all of the concerns they had.

“We consider the 3CX solution suitable for our needs. 3CX, in addition to reducing costs, has allowed us to connect all our offices as if it were a single reality and gives us the full autonomy of management and configuration. 3CX is simply the best!” – Graziano Nugnes, I.T. Leader, Alliance Healthcare.

Unparalleled Savings & Productivity Gains

Alliance Healthcare turned to 3CX Platinum Partner All in One for their new communications solution. They were able to get the phone system up and running in just a few short hours, without any disruption to service. With their new 3CX system, the healthcare product suppliers are now using around 700 IP phones, 500 of which are Yealink T21/T23/W53, and around 200 softphones and 500 telephone lines.

After the successful installation, the organization was happy to report that employees were able to quickly adapt to the new system, and they observed a number of benefits across the board. With the use of the softphones and apps across various devices, they reported significant increases of productivity and mobility amongst employees. What’s more, they were able to easily connect remote branches and were impressed with the simplicity of configuration and management. Perhaps, however, the most striking outcome from the switch to 3CX was the incredible savings of around €90,000 per year.

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